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Skyline Group of Companies

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“Liza and her team introduced a tier system for categorizing our projects based on available budgets and requirements for each space. This has helped to make quick turnarounds, as each tier has designated design elements that Manor & Croft uses as guidelines in their selection process.”

“Manor & Croft Design streamlines the design process. They help transform the common spaces of our apartment buildings into warm and inviting living spaces for our tenants.”

Zock and Associates

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“Manor & Croft Design played an integral part in establishing the new look for New Horizons Tower. Liza Brenchley and her team brought their style, flair and fresh design to what now could pass as a ‘boutique’ hotel on the corner of Bloor Street and Dufferin in Toronto.”

“They have a real sense of what works for today’s market, a respect for a not-for-profit budget, recycling, editing, reinventing, and working with the client in record time to produce a product that the client is thrilled to showcase.”

- Christine Thomas
Principal, Marketing Specialist

New Horizons Tower


"Please let me express my appreciation for your excellent and creative design work here at NHT. The dramatic change you have brought to our entire main floor as well as our newly renovated floors and suits, far exceeds anything we had envisioned. 

Your professional demeanour and expertise made a very extensive renovation happen smoothly and on a schedule. It was a pleasure working with you and your team and I would confidently recommend your services to others.

Thank you again for helping us to achieve our design objectives."

- Ken Sweatman

Executive Director

Kensington Gardens


“In an effort to find the best design, the leadership reviewed three proposals, however, the one that was chosen provided something unique to the Gardens long term care environment – scientific principals that merge the resident’s physical needs with thoughtful aesthetics.”

“The report by the design team explained how colour can influence health, supports Dennis’ assertion. Appropriately placed colour can provided a strong wayfinding system, and in high saturation, allows residents to differentiate high contrast walls from one another.”

“Residents feel secure in their surroundings, so they will venture out more often, gather, and be more physically active. All of this promotes a positive feeling within the home and encourages a sense of pride and comfort.”

- Kensington News 2016

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